The challenging economic climate today impacts greatly on corporate spending, specifically on advertising expenditures. However, this signals an immense opportunity for TechMedia as corporations shift from traditional media platforms to alternative, more viable solutions such as outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising continues to capture an increasing share away from television, radio and newspaper. TechMedia’s planned strategic operations in India reveals key ground findings, namely:

  The Indian advertising industry has enormous potential for growth;
  The Indian outdoor advertising segment was largely not interactive (dominated by static boards);
  The outdoor mobile fleet TV outdoor advertising was not established, with non-standardized practice and rate cards; and,
  The outdoor metro (light rail) advertising was in the nascent stages, with its practice not uniformed.

These market inefficiencies helped TechMedia identify important opportunities, defining its strategy of forging alliances in India. A strategic joint venture is expected to be entered into in the very near future for fleet TV advertising.