A hundred years ago, advertising was a fairly simple business. Back then, an advertisement involved a static display medium that delivers a repetitive stream of information; it was all about being seen in strategic locations in the marketplace, with the goal of achieving a possible sale for a product or service. Potential customers were bombarded with the brand’s message – as big as one could get size-wise, and be seen in as many times as possible in terms of frequency – in order to make a sale.

Today, the rise of the information age has made it possible for advertising to evolve into a more refined, more cutting-edge means of communication. Static display advertising has since been displaced by more powerful and effective media tools.

The use of information technology has given advertisements more accuracy in its “hit rate”, bestowing advertisers with the power to identify, “trap” and target a specific market segment to achieve a higher probability of sale for their products or services, and thereby maximizing every advertising dollar spent. And as the advertising message becomes increasingly lucid and attractive for captive consumer reach, the medium in which the message is put across to the audience advanced to become the most powerful advertising tool today.


The infusion of information technology in the advertising media gave birth to us – TechMedia. This is what we plan to do : we plan to empower advertisers (you) with an arsenal of new media to carry your message in the most seen and consumer-targeted manner, thus creating more value for your advertising dollar.

The advertisement, in turn, leaves an ultimate impression and your message is put across with a lasting effect.

We plan to continuously open new horizons in the unexplored advertising space. In emerging markets like India, the eyeball capture by visual and audio effects to captivate consumers’ attention in a beleaguered space is a new experience. Evidently, we do not do old things differently. We plan to do new things by being different.

We challenge you: BE DIFFERENT! Explore our new proposed form of media for your advertisements today and feel the power of TechMedia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our organization. Welcome to Innovation.